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Challenging the “Soft Bigotry” of Low Expectations in Psychosis

This morning thanks to Twitter I caught a  blog post Thomas Insel wrote last summer about anti-psychotics. Referring to a JAMA (2013) article, at seven years, a reduction/discontinuation group [following six months of antipsychotic treatment after first-episode psychosis] “had achieved twice the functional recovery” than a maintenance group in a Netherlands study headed by Wunderink […]

Is Schizophrenia a Network Disorder? Researchers Weigh in …

This is just a brief note that Dialogues in Clinical Neuroscience 2013; 15(3) focuses on Static and Dynamic Imaging: Clinical and Therapeutic Implications. The issue includes an overview by Olaf Sporns, author of Networks of the Brain (MIT, 2010) and Discovering the Human Connectome (MIT, 2012). In particular, three papers might be of particular interest to this […]

A Very Brief Introduction: Resting-State Brain Connectivity

Some of the speakers at our forthcoming winter workshop on psychosis for CBD/CBDMH affiliated faculty and students will be talking about, or have an active research interest in the brain’s resting state activity, including Steve Lopez and Mary Helen Immordino-Yang, Georg Northoff, and Suparna Choudhury. I thought I’d post two videos (a very short, fun intro […]