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2013 Cross-Cultural Psychology Conference @UCLA (20–22 June)

OPEN FOR REGISTRATION! Link to IACCP LA 2013 Conference. INVITED PLENARY SYMPOSIA Cultural Neuroscience Jonathan Freeman, Dartmouth College Shihui Han, Peking University Eva Telzer, University of Illinois Cultural Evolution Patricia Greenfield, University of California, Los Angeles Alex Mesoudi, Durham University Peter Richerson, University of California, Davis  

Functional Connectivity and Autism

Here’s a link to an MNT writeup of Case Western Reserve & U of T research using magnetoencephalography (MEG) to study connectivity between brain regions in autism : Brain Activity Distinguishes An Autistic Brain From A Non-Autistic Brain. L. García Domínguez, J. L. Pérez Velázquez and R. F. Galán (2013) A Model of Functional Brain Connectivity and Background […]