Former FPR-CBD Grad Student/Cultural Neuroscientist Liz Losin joins PLOS Neuroanthropology!

We are very pleased to announce that cultural neuroscientist Liz Losin, a former graduate student in the FPR-UCLA Culture, Brain, and Development program and now a postdoc in Tor Wager’s neuroimaging  lab at the University of Colorado, has joined PLOS Neuroanthropology as a blogger! Liz will be writing about recent advances in the field. You can read her first post here.

The neuroanthropology blog is co-authored by anthropologists Greg Downey (Macquarie University; @GregDowney1) and Daniel Lende (University of South Florida; @daniel_lende), who are also co-editors of a foundational work in neuroanthropology, The Encultured Brain (MIT, December 2012).

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Liz, Greg, and Daniel helped us organize the FPR-UCLA Culture, Mind, and Brain Conference last October. Greg chaired the first session (“Why Culture, Mind, and Brain””), Daniel chaired a session on stress and resilience, and Liz was a panelist on “Multiple Pathways to Interdisciplinarity”).

Be sure to check out the blog at PLOS Neuroanthropology and the neuroanth Facebook page.