Brain, Consciousness, Experience (AAA panel, November 2013)

Invited Panel Organized by
Bryan Rill (Florida State University)

American Anthropological Association
112th Annual Meeting
Chicago, IL
November 20-24th, 2013

Chair: Greg Downey (Macquarie University, AUS)

Discussant: Andreas Roepstorff (Aarhus University, Denmark)

Summary of Participants:
Christopher Lynn (University of Alabama) Defraying the Costs of “Analysis Paralysis”: A Neuroanthropological Model of Dissociation, Deafferentation, and Trance.
Diane Hardgrave (Southern Methodist University) Altered Narratives: A Neuroanthropological Comparison of Anomalous Experiences During Meditation and Ethnographic Accounts of Shamanic Flight.
Jeff MacDonald (IRCO) Reexamining Near-Death and other Experiences of the Beyond in Cultural Perspective: Implications for the Anthropology of Consciousness.
Charles Laughlin (Carleton University) Anatta: The Implications of the Experience of No-Self for the Neuroanthropology of Self and Death.
Bryan Rill (Florida State University) You are the Mountain: Modeling Religious Experience in Light of Cognitive Neuroscience.