Psychosis Workshop Logistics

  • Covel Commons

    Covel and Parking

    Covel Commons
    West Coast Room
    200 De Neve Drive
    Parking Structure SV (Sunset Village)
    Link to interactive map


    1. From the 405 Freeway, exit on Sunset Blvd. Proceed EAST on Sunset Blvd. and enter the campus by turning RIGHT onto Bellagio Drive.
    2. Proceed to the stop sign at the top of the hill. Turn LEFT at the stop sign onto De Neve Drive.
    3. Proceed 3/10 of a mile down the hill to the PSV (Sunset Village) parking structure. The structure will be on your right.
    4. Park on the first level (P1) in any space marked “Pay & Display.” Go to a self-service, Daily Visitor Pay Station located by the parking lot entrance or to the left of the main elevator. Follow posted instructions to purchase parking.
    5. The kiosk will dispense a parking pass. Place the pass on your car dashboard so it is visible through the driver’s side of the windshield. Parking permits are good for only one lot (i.e., you may not move your car to another lot without paying an additional charge).
    6. Take the elevator or stairs (located in the southwest corner of the parking garage) to the Lobby level (L). The Covel Commons building will be directly in front of you as you exit the elevator. .
    7. Approach the building and turn RIGHT and walk along the outside of the Covel Commons building. Turn LEFT at the corner of the building and proceed to the entrance. Follow the signs or check with the front desk staff for further information about your event.