photo_4Nora Immordino Feldpausch, MD currently serves as a staff psychiatrist at Colorado State University.  CSU is currently transitioning into becoming a leading undergraduate and graduate institution in international student programs.  Dr. Feldpausch has been tasked with developing further expertise in cultural psychiatry and to provide relevant teaching to CSU medical, psychiatric and psychology .  As an advisor to CSU’s International Student Care Coordinators, Dr. Feldpausch is actively engaged in developing a collaborative and culturally sensitive team of clinicians specialized in treating international students.   Throughout her training, Dr. Feldpausch has maintained a research and educational interest in providing culturally relevant mental healthcare within the context of collegiate mental health settings.  Her residency research project, completed in collaboration with a faculty mentor in the department of Anthropology,  investigated psychiatrists’ perceptions of the diagnosis and treatment of schizophrenia  in rural versus urban community mental health centers.  Dr. Feldpausch is interested in exploring the impact of culture and ethnicity on mental health diagnosis and treatment, as well as the practical implications of genetic and neuroscience research on long-term mental health recovery and functioning.

Dr. Feldpausch  graduated summa cum laude in Anthropology, with a concentration in American Indian Studies from Cornell University.  She completed her MD and residency at Michigan State University.

Outside of her clinical work, Nora Immordino Feldpausch lives with her husband and four children on their family owned and operated dairy in Greeley Colorado.